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Complete Cloth Diaper Kit

Complete Cloth Diaper Kit

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This kit includes the following:

21 - Complete Cloth Diapers 

You can mix and match between all different styles.  We have many available beyond what is available on our site.  For example and AIO is a complete diaper because it comes with absorbency.  A pocket diaper would come with a trifold.  A wipeable cover would come with a flat, snap in trifold, regular trifold, or preflat, etc.  It's up to you. 

1 - Small Double Handle Wetbag

1 - Medium Double Handle Wetbag

1 - Pail Liner or Boxy Bag (Diaper Pod)

Must be available for a 30 - 40 minute Zoom, or Facetime via Facebook or Phone to build your kit.  We will reach out within 12 hours of purchase to schedule your time. We offer flexible hours to accommodate your schedule. 

This is limited to first time customers only. 

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