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GROW the transitional undergarment between a diaper and underwear is now available in a bigger size. Fits approximately 10 to 60 lbs.

It has PUL outer just like our diapers shells. The inner is 60/40% bamboo cotton blend which provides some absorbency for little accidents. This is the same absorbent fabric we use on the Bebeboo Fold. We opted not to use a “feel dry” layer since the intended use of this product is primarily for potty training. We don’t want the child to confuse this with a diaper.

Because the inner is just 1 layer it feels like wearing undies and is enough for little accidents. It is definitely not enough and not made to catch a full pee. But do not worry, we have considered those who still need absorbency. So we designed the inner like a pocket so parents have the option to add absorbency if needed.

The waist features a front and back elastic plus wide elastic side panels that help provide a good fit and just the right amount of stretch. The waist can be adjusted from small, medium to large. The stretchy panel helps make it easy for toddlers to use Grow as transitional underpants, easy to pull up and down.  We believe the ease of use is crucial in encouraging a toddler’s potty training independence.  It also has a tummy front elastic for a more form-fitting fit like underwear.

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