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Hi I’m Stacey! I’m a wife, mom to Raylin, therapist, and team member of Pannolino Bambino. We live in Michigan and love exploring all the beautiful Great Lakes. I love being a mama more than I ever could have imagined, and I love getting to know other moms too! We began our cloth journey because I wanted to save money. After we actually got going, I realized how much more effective cloth was for containing the mess. We’ve had to do disposables in the past, and I ALWAYS have leaks and so many blowouts🤢 We rarely have that issue with cloth! And I love how I can customize the absorption and fit that my girl needs. Cloth diapering is a world with many different styles. We love covers!! The Ecofit has become our favorite and most used product! But our stash consists of AIO, Forever Fits, and Slim Fits too. I have loved getting to learn so much! I had no idea there was such a huge community when we first started, and I have gained knowledge and friends in the process! I also am a sucker for cute diaper butts😍 a good solid is to die for!! Cloth like most things isn't without struggles of it's own.  We have struggled with a good wash routine, and that lead to a pretty bad rash. Still not sure if it was a chemical rash or reaction to buildup, but man the mom guilt was BAD. Luckily with the help of the community, we were able to get a handle on it and figure out our issues!

Thank you for checking out Pannolino Bambino and we hope you find something you absolutely adore. Don't forget to take advantage of the buy one get one free sale, applied automatically at checkout while supplies last. 


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