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Hello! I’m Becca. I am a first time mom with my 15 month old son. I have a screen printing business that has meshed with my mother’s apparel company that she’s had for 8 years. I enjoy anything that has to do with graphic design, digital art, and arts and crafts, which has made it easy for me to love what I do. I started cloth diapering because I always wanted to use cloth. My mom used it with me. I couldn’t bring myself to just jump in and do it because it seemed like a lot. After countless rashes and blowouts with disposables, I thought, maybe it’s a sign. I went all in and there’s absolutely no going back. We love it. Something that makes it a little challenge is that my family is always on the go. My son’s dad is still a college student and has a job, so I have him with me at work most of the time and I get home later in the day. It was tricky finding a wash schedule that worked for me and figuring out the best method for soiled diapers that happened while I was at work.

My favorite part of this journey is the PB community. I feel so grateful that I stumbled over this brand. The advice and support is unmatched. They’ve helped me find my way of doing cloth and it has really helped make it stress free. Every single style I’ve gotten from Pannolino Bambino is superior to any other diaper brand. It doesn’t matter the style of the diaper - I will always reach for Pannolino Bambino. If I absolutely had to choose, I’d say it’s a tie between the Forever Fit and the Eco-Fit. My first order was a few Forever Fits that made me fall in love with the brand. I started getting into using covers, and I was thrilled that the Eco-Fits were so similar to the Forever Fits.

Thank you for checking out Pannolino Bambino and we hope you find something you absolutely adore. Don't forget to take advantage of the buy one get one free sale, applied automatically at checkout while supplies last. 


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