Meet Our Team: Mackenzie

Hey everyone, welcome to Pannolino Bambino! 

I'm Kenzie, Pannolino Bambino team member, mom, educator, and hot mess extraordinaire! I have two boys, 3yo and 4mo. I work in education running a before and after school program for kindergarteners in our local school district. I love to get outside and explore, especially with my kids! I started cloth diapering because the pandemic put me out of work. I found myself at home with a 4mo who could only wear one very specific type of disposable without poosplosions or rashes. I got tired of cleaning baby poo off of everything and decided to try cloth and fell in love! No more blowouts plus they're so cute! My favorite diaper is the Eco Fit cover, and I love the Weekender Tote as a "beyond" product for myself.  I know cloth comes with challenges and one I faced was similar to what many others face as well --getting a solid routine-- trying to consistently remember to wash diapers every few days. I have ADHD and the out of sight out of mind is real, I often forget to swap laundry so that has been the most challenging thing for me.


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