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My name is Lacey and I am a mama of a spirited leader girl who is 3 years old, and a wonderful baby boy who is 9 months. My husband is a travel nurse and we have spent the last two years on the road as a family living in all 4 corners of the US and in between! I’m a National Parks fan!

Traveling with cloth has made me relax a lot about my wash routine. When I first started I would panic if it wasn’t perfect. Along the way I’ve learned it’s JUST LAUNDRY and will all be fine. I’ve also learned so much about all different styles of washers and even mastered the laundromat. My favorite thing about cloth is how the general attitude towards cloth diapering has changed so much for the better even in the last 3 years! When I started, it was very rare that anyone cared or was kind about cloth, but now so many more people are open to learning and loving it!  Truthfully, I began to cloth because I thought cloth diapers were going to be the ANSWER to convincing my husband to let me become a stay at home mom 😆

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