Meet Our Team: Emma

Welcome to Pannolino Bambino

Hi, I’m Emma! I’ve been married to my husband, Jordan, for over 3 years. We have a wild 1.5 year old little boy and hope to add to our family within the next year or so. I’m lucky enough to be a stay at home mom, but occasionally I still have a few dog walk or pet sitting clients. I’m a true introvert and would always prefer a cozy night in over going out and about. That being said, I do love little day trips with family and one of my favorite things is taking my son to the zoo. There were several reasons I chose to cloth diaper. Initially, the environment was my number one reason. I wanted a more sustainable diapering option that is affordable and wasn’t going to result in us adding thousands of diapers, that take who knows how many years to degrade, to landfills. Along with this is the cost of diapers. I’ve never calculated what we have actually spent on diapers compared to what we would have if we did disposables full-time, but I know we’ve saved a lot. 

Honestly, my favorite part of cloth diapering are the cute patterns, and fun colors bring me so much joy in a task that is otherwise not super fun. My son also loves getting to pick out which diaper he wears (he literally almost always picks orange or green first) so it makes the whole experience more fun for everyone. I did hit a hiccup a few months in with some diapers not getting cleaned properly. I thought about giving up on cloth but then learned this was an issue specific to the brand/type of diaper we were using so I removed them from my stash and haven’t had any wash issues since. My favorite Pannolino Bambino product are the forever fits all the way! I’ve tried several different styles and brands and the forever fit is by far the best fitting diaper for my son!

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