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Hello, I am Bernadette, affectionately known as Your Girl Berny B. I am a mother to a 13-year-old and have multiple businesses, including being Postpartum Doula. I believe in families and individuals making informed decisions. It is my mission to assist families with making holistic financial and health choices for their families. Everyone's journey is unique and different, this is what makes you, you!  I started looking into cloth after my son at 4 told me God was going to give him a new father, his father died 6 months after his 4th birthday, and twin siblings.
My mother cloth-diapered me and asked before I had my son if I was going to cloth-diaper him, I like most people fell for the myths of cloth diapering and thought this is old school and told her no. Something I regret is not looking into it for myself, I didn't make an informed choice but one of convenience based on my own opinions.  After much research and my own experience with disposables causing a lot of problems for my son, I could only use one brand. I began my stash. I am happy I get to share my knowledge with other families. While still preparing to cloth my future children, the twins. 

My favorite part of my cloth journey is being able to speak to other families about the benefits of cloth diapering. The bonus is I can loan them my personal stash to try. I love showing mommas/families how easy it is to cloth and make them accessible to families. My favorite PB product right now is the small wet bags personally. I used the small wet bags as menstrual pouches, I include extra underwear, pads, and wipes. I am currently serving 3 cloth diaper families and their favorite products are the Ecofit Covers and the trifold inserts. I have both the snap-in and non-snap versions of the inserts. These inserts are great for pockets, covers, and nighttime solutions. The Ecofit Covers make cloth diapers simple for my families who want to cloth diaper with a minimum stash and make washing a breeze.

The most challenging part is all the information and different opinions of others who cloth. I find this community hard to navigate at times because people are loyal to their opinions and at times attack you for not agreeing with them. I am glad I found Pannolino Bambino, this is truly a safe space to gain knowledge and have the support you need throughout your cloth journey beyond.

Thank you for checking out Pannolino Bambino and we hope you find something you absolutely adore. Don't forget to take advantage of the buy one get one free sale, applied automatically at checkout while supplies last. 

Berny B

@yourgirlbernyb (Instagram)

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