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Hey there! My name is Ayana, I'm a wife to my loving husband, and a SAHM to two energetic tornadoes who keep me on my toes! We are a motocross family with a love for the mountains, we strive to live as eco-friendly as we can while also maintaining our sanity haha. We are about to celebrate three cumulative years of cloth diapering, it's been such a fun journey following along the Pannolino Bambino evolution since the beginning! My favorite cloth diaper is the Simple fit is just *chefs kiss*. Favorite Beyond product, the wetbags are so incredibly versatile, we use them for absolutely everything!
When I was pregnant with my son I was researching ways to save money and reduce waste. Cloth diapers immediately jumped onto my radar, and it's been an ever-evolving journey along the way! My favorite part of our journey has been the incredible community that came with the journey has been invaluable. Watching everyone's growth, learning together, celebrating together, supporting each other, and cheering on each other's individual journey has been such a beautiful thing to have been a part of over the years! The most challenging aspect of cloth diapering has been nighttime diapering with both kids. Finding an incredibly absorbent, yet not absurdly bulky, properly fitting diaper to last through those heavy-wetting stages has been the biggest challenge for me!

Thank you for checking out Pannolino Bambino and we hope you find something you absolutely adore. Don't forget to take advantage of the buy one get one free sale, applied automatically at checkout while supplies last. 
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