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Hi! I’m Alyssa, I’m a wife to a Navy Sailor, mama to three sweet gals, and a Cloth & beyond team member. I’m on an ecofriendly and decluttering journey, learning something new everyday. We currently live near Seattle but are looking forward the the possibility of a new adventure early 2024.

We began our cloth diapering journey when I was pregnant with my now two year old, I read that disposable diapers take 500 years to decompose. That means that the diapers my mother used on me, still could be in a landfill somewhere- yuck! Thankfully a sweet friend of mine was cloth diapering and helped get me started! 🙂 Once I realized I would actually be saving money AND supporting other mamas, I was sold! My absolute favorite part of cloth diapering so far has been the COMMUNITY. I’ve been so blessed by so many mamas in this journey and I have learned so much, not just about cloth diapers but about motherhood, life, etc. I’m so grateful and will forever be, for the community.

Our current favorite C&B product of all products would have to be the Multi Mat. It is so versatile and it has made changing two in diapers so much easier. The Forever Fit is the golden child of the C&B brand, but now that I’ve had the privilege of owning a Solutions Pocket, I’m SO in love. It fits my itty bitty two month old and my almost two year old perfectly. It’s everything I could want in a diaper, with the AWJ, the pockets, the gentle elastic, AND single row snaps- it’s a dream.

The most challenging part of cloth is something common we face in other parts of motherhood as well, the guilt we put on ourselves as moms. Cloth diapering isn’t all or nothing. Babies get sick, parents get sick, you travel... whatever it may be- you don’t have to use cloth 100% of the time. You can ease into it, you can use cloth when home, only during the day, however works for you. The summer of 2021, I didn’t travel with cloth diapers, the summer of 2022- I traveled with them because I was finally confident enough to remove the pressure of feeling guilty for using disposables if I felt I needed to.

Thank you for checking out Cloth and Beyond and we hope you find something you absolutely adore. If this is your first time shopping, enjoy free shipping on me (click here)


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