Meet Our Community Team: Kamri

Welcome to Pannolino Bambino

Hi, I'm Kamri and my family has been using cloth for the past 3 almost 4 years. I'm a SAHM to two little girls that rule my world and I'm also a military spouse. In my free time I enjoy a good book, baking, dancing around my house with my girls and going to Disney.  I also help manage the Pannolino Bambino Community Group. My favorite part of my cloth journey is the community that Bri has created. I love watching it grow and change and knowing that its a safe place with no judgment.  I started using cloth because I want help save money for my family.  I absolutely love the OG forever fit and Eco fit covers. The most challenging part of my journey was when my 2nd child was in the NICU and I wasn't able to use cloth like I had originally planned. And I got to see 1st hand how many diapers a newborn could go through.

Thank you for checking out Pannolino Bambino and we hope you find something you absolutely adore. Don't forget to take advantage of the buy one get one free sale, applied automatically at checkout while supplies last. 
You can find me in the Community Group and on Instagram

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