Limited Edition

Limited Edition and What It Means: to preserve market value for our customers we only print 10 of each print in specified products. When a product sells out, it will not be reprinted. Our hope is that our customers will see a preservation of 50% of their investment when it's time to sell your cloth diapers.

Limited Edition prints can be found in the following products:


Multipurpose Bag Sets

Small Double Handle Wetbags

Medium Double Handle Wetbags

Large Double Handle Wetbags

Pail Liners


Multi Mats

Forever Fit AWJ

Deluxe Pocket

Solutions ES Pocket


Eco Fit Wipeable Cover

Slim Fit Wipeable Cover


Coming Soon

Deluxe Newborn Cover

Deluxe NB AIO

Deluxe ES AIO

Slim Fit AIO

Evermore ES Pocket


Bamboo Pajamas



Slim Fit Bamboo SIO (Closeout)

Solutions Bamboo SIO (Closeout)


Looking for our Limited Edition Print Chart, find it here. 

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