Affordable Cloth Diapering Kits

Program Will Resume When Year End Closeout is Over

Welcome to the home of the Affordable Cloth Diaper Kit!
All Codes ARE ACTIVE! 

Newborn Stash (Any Newborn Styles):
Buy 13 Newborn and get 11 Newborn for FREE
(Learn about our Size Up™ Program)

One Size AIO (Sewn In or Snap In Can Be Mixed)
Buy 11 One Size AIO and Get 10 One Size AIO FREE

One Size Covers
Buy 8 One Size Covers and Get 7 FREE
Code: Covers
These do not come with absorbency

One Size Pockets (Any Mix of Pocket Styles)
Buy 13 One Size Pockets and Get 11 One Size Pockets FREE
These do not come with absorbency

Sized Out of One Size Pockets or Covers?
Our Evermore Pocket System & Everlast Cover System fits from 15lb and will fit until potty learning (tested to 120lb)
Buy 11 Exended Size Products and Get 10 FREE
These do not come with absorbency

Trainer Kits Coming September 2023


*Kits Earn Cashback at a rate of 2%