The Forever Fit™ Platform

The Forever Fit™ Platform was designed in 2018 and released in 2020 and has since been our flagship diaper. 

This platform is used across our brand in the following styles: 

  • Forever Fit™ Athletic Wicking Jersey
  • Forever Fit™ Cotton Wicking Jersey (Patent-Pending)
  • Eco Fit™ Wipeable Cover System
  • EZ AIO™ Sewn-In Quick Dry All-in-One
  • Flexible Fit Pocket with Rolled Elastics
  • Deluxe Pocket 

The Forever Fit™ platform features a double row of Grow with Me waist snaps with a thigh snap, or what is sometimes referred to as a lower hip snap.  This can be utilized to achieve an exceptional leg seal with petite build children or newborns. Additional features include: three by four rise snaps, a thick back elastic, a tummy panel, a front waist elastic, and a cross-over snap setting - often referred to as dirty closure snaps. 

Exterior Composition: 100% Polyester with thermoplastic polyurethane laminate

Care Instructions: Knock solids in the toilet and store them in a dry pail or wet bag until ready to launder. Follow wash and care specific to your machine and water hardness. No bleach, softeners, or diaper creams. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

All products are protected by an one-year limited warranty on sewing, workmanship, closures, and elastic. Please do not hesitate to contact us at, should you have any warranty concerns.

Photo of the interior of a cloth diaper with white moisture wicking polyester material positioned in a basket on a blanket


(Interior Aspect of the Forever Fit™ Athletic Wicking Jersey *before the Grow With Me waist snaps were implemented*) 




Have You Taken a Look at Our Affordable Cloth Diapering Kit Options?

Around $190 (including Shipping) for a 3-Day Stash of Most Styles of our Pocket Diapers 
(Compared to +$380 for the most directly comparable brand)

Around $120 or less (including Shipping) for a 5-Day Stash of our Cover Systems 
(Compared to $225 for the most directly comparable brand)

How Do I Choose What Pocket?

Ask Yourself Some Important Questions:

  • Do You Want Natural or Synthetic Fibers?
    (Choose a Model with Cotton Wicking Jersey)
  • Do You Want a Dual Pocket for Absorbency to Easily Agitate Out In the Wash?
    (Dual Pockets - Choose the Flexible Fit or the Deluxe Fit)
  • Do You Need a Snap Anchor?
    (Need a Snap Anchor - Choose the Forever Fit)
  • Does Your Little One Seem Sensitive to Elastics? 
    (Choose the Flexible Fit for Rolled Elastics)

Considering an All in One System

All in Ones have been a popular choice among cloth diapering parents for years for good reason.  An All in One (AIO) diaper brings a level of simplicity for both families and caregivers because the absorbency is sewn in or in some cases snapped in.  This makes the process exceptionally easy for caregivers such as daycares, or grandparents because there are no additional parts to be found.  All in Ones can be easily boosted for night use in many cases.

Our EZ AIO platform is a certified Cloth Diaper Dad approved diaper! 

Now that you've seen all of our cloth diapering options on our Forever Fit platform, let us take a look at a quick comparison of different styles below.

 What Cloth Diapering System Should I Choose?

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • What is My Budget?
    Check Out Our Affordable Cloth Diapering Kits for Maximum Savings
    All in Ones come with absorbency.  Pockets and Covers often require a separate purchase for absorbency but can also be used with things like old tshirts. 
  • Why Am I Cloth Diapering?
    If You Want to Reduce Your Impact As Much as Possible, Consider a Wipeable Cover System Like the Ecofit or Everlast Covers, you'll need less since you can wipe and reuse throughout the day. 
  • Who Will Also Be Diapering Our Little One?
    If You Plan on Using Daycare Services, Check to Make Sure They Accept Cloth Diapers. Take Into Consideration How Much Education Will Need to be Provided.  
  • Do You Want to Be Able to Machine Dry Only?
    Consider Something Able to be Dried Like an AIO or Pocket System

If you have any other questions about our Forever Fit platform, any of our other diapering products, or any general questions about your cloth diapering journey-- feel free to comment below or email Bri (!

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