A New Beginning for the Cloth Diaper Blog

A New Beginning for the Cloth Diaper Blog

A New Beginning

I am Bri, most of you may know me from Pannolino Bambino, or Diaper Rite. 

I've owned the Cloth Diaper Blog for a few years now and it's taken a back seat to other endeavors recently.  Lauren was writing for us for a little while and did such a great job and now I'll be taking over the blog and bringing you an overview of all active brands, having conversations about the industry, and talking about all things cloth diapers.  Some of you may wonder, "How on earth could she be objective and not biased when she owns two brands...", the answer is a simple one. 

I adore the cloth diapering industry and community

I am just a small part of that as a brand owner but want to be a bigger part of that as a blogger, advocate, consultant, and more. I have so much love for so many brands and their owners and especially the often-overlooked cottage industry full of amazing work-at-home makers (WAHMS).  

Instead of reviews of brands, you'll find incredibly in-depth overviews of brands.
What does that mean exactly?  
Reviews contain a bias, they are purely based on the opinion of the person or influencer conducting the review of the product.  Overviews are void of personal opinion and just contain information about the product use, composition, and the brand itself and its offerings. I aim to purchase what I provide overviews of, however, since this is a hobby of mine if a brand would like an overview they may provide the product for free. Since it's an overview, it will not influence the way the blog is written or the amount of information that is shared, it only expedites the process of getting that information out there. Additionally, there may be special offers for our readers when the reviews are posted, so keep a lookout for that. 
In addition to providing overviews of every brand and their products, I am establishing a brand repository of currently active brands that you will be able to find on the site. 
In December, I will be releasing a report that I've gathered data for two years to create on the trajectory and saturation of the cloth diaper industry and how it impacts the consumer and also brands operating in that industry. 
I appreciate your time and I look forward to Simplifying Cloth Diapering. 


Drop me a comment below and tell me what you want to know about anything and everything!

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